Urinary bladder cancer



Urinary bladder cancer is the second most common urologic cancer

More common in men

The mean age at diagnosis is 65 years.

Risk factors

Cigarette smoking and exposure to industrial dyes or solvents are risk factors.

The majority are transitional cell carcinomas.

Clinical features

• Hematuria: gross or microscopic, chronic or intermittent (85-90%).

• Urinary frequency, urgency.

• Hepatomegaly

Supraclavicular lymphadenopathy may be present with metastatic disease.

Lymphedema of the lower limb may be present if metastasis involves pelvic lymph nodes.


• Urine anlasysis /cytology : hematuria.

• FBE:  –  anaemia

• Urine cytology (80-90%) sensitivity.


.  CT or MRI.

• Cystourethroscopy and biopsy


Urgent referral to a urologist


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