What is KFP Bank?

KFP Bank is an extensive database of KFP cases. These cases have been carefully designed to help prepare for the FRACGP KFP exam. It includes answers with explanations and key points which will help prepare for the KFP exam.

I have passed keep KFP exam, will it help me with the AKT exam?

Cases are designed in a way that will not only help with the KFP exam but will also help with preparation for the AKT exam. The cases include answers and explanations at the end with key features and points which will also help with the AKT preparation. I would highly recommend going through these explanations and key points to make the best use of the KFP bank.

Is KFP bank based on Australian general practice and guidelines?

Yes, it is.

How are the payments processed?

We do not keep any credit card details on the server. All the payments are processed securely through PayPal.

Can I have a trial of the website?

Yes, when you register, you will be able to have a Free trial of the KFP bank. You will be able to practice five simple cases to have a feel of what you are going to get.

Am I eligible for a grant to claim the KFP bank subscription

If you are a GP registrar or work in regional Victoria and are on a program, you may be able eligible for the grant. Please check with your local training provider, RWAV, NSWRDN services, etc.

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