About Me


Dear candidates

I am one of the general practitioners working in regional Victoria. I have been involved in supervising GPS since 2012.
I have found that most of the candidates struggle with passing the KFP exam. Because of this, I planned to develop this website to help candidates prepare better for the KFP exam. The cases have been designed in a way that will not only help with the KFP exam but will also help prepare for the AKT exam as well. I would recommend going to the explanations of the cases to make the best use of the website
KFP is a very tricky exam but if you understand the core principles and thought process behind the cases, then it should be a lot easier to pass the exam. Most of the candidates fail the exam by a very narrow margin. This website will give you that edge over the others to help pass the KFP examination.

I wish you the very best of luck with your upcoming exam.




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