Pityriasis Rosea


Pityriasis Rosea


Pityriasis rosea is a viral rash

It can last about 6–12 weeks.

Mainly affects teenagers and young adults but any age group can be affected

Sometimes can follow the upper respiratory tract infection


Herpes 6 and 7 virus

Clinical features

A herald patch is a single plaque that appears 1–20 days before the generalized rash of pityriasis rosea.

It is an oval pink or red plaque

After a few days, more scaly patches start appearing on the chest and back. These lesions are generally smaller than the initial herald patch

Rash clears in 6-12 weeks




General measures

Exposure to sunlight but avoid sunburn

Bath with plain water and aqueous cream

Pharmacological treatment

Usually, self remitting

Below can be used- Seek a dermatologist advice

A 7-day course of aciclovir

A 2-week course of oral erythromycin

Topical steroid cream or ointment such as  Elocon ointment for itching







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